Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Get YouTube Subscribers – Tips & Tricks to Win Subscriptions on YouTube

YouTube is absolutely an amazing platform to show us genius on videos. Take advantage of YouTube, some creative publishers become celebrities and get massive subscribers on their YouTube channels. If you are still nobody and want to become well-known on YouTube, you should learn how to get YouTube subscribers primarily. This article will introduce 7 basically and efficiently ways to help you win YouTube subscribers.

1. Create Channels and Upload Videos Consistently

Create specific channels to gather videos of one topic together. Video contents should be related to each channel subject. Otherwise, you subscribers will unfollow because you cannot show what they want.

You should upload videos to your channels consistently to get YouTube subscribers. A frequently updated channel is much more attractive than a lifeless channel. For example, you can upload game guides videos weekly.

2. Create High-Quality Video Contents

You need some typically videos about current hot topics with remarkable contents, such as hilarious parody videos of hottest music during this period, to get YouTube subscribers. With those high quality videos, you will be considered as a good publisher to subscribe.

3. Broadcast Your Channel

Get YouTube subscribers by advertising your channels on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks. If you have a blog or website and have gotten certain amounts of traffics, you can add a YouTube subscription widget with following code to lead visitors to subscribe your channel.

<script src="https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"></script>
<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channel="Your Channel Name Here"></div>

4. Launch a Giveaway on YouTube

It can attract more YouTube subscribers by hosting a giveaway. If you have no idea about how to plan it, you can take part in popular online events, for example, Digiarty's WinXDVD software Giveaway for YouTubers, and launch a contest with those giveaway products to get YouTube subscribers.

5. Ask for Subscribers

Don't forget to ask for YouTube subscriptions by creating a "Call to Action" at the end of your videos. For instance: “Click subscribe button above this video to get funnies, stunning issues with my latest videos.”

6. Build Partnership with YouTube Publishers

You can send a message to ask other YouTube publishers add you channel to Featured Channels list. In exchange, their channels will be recommended by you as well.

7.  Interact with Viewers

If you received favorable comments or questions about video, it is better to give a response. Positive interaction can probably get more YouTube subscribers on your channel.

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If you have more good ideas about how to get YouTube subscribers beside the listed seven primary ways, please share your opinions here. 

How to Get Views on YouTube – Increase YouTube Views Tips

Thousands of videos flood into YouTube everyday. Your video is probably observed by very few watchers even though it is pretty impressed to deserve more and more views. However, you should learn that it's not enough to create an excellent video with hot topic and high quality contents, but to make use of helpful tips and tricks to get YouTube views.

1. Optimize Basic Info for Video

* Give a short but attractive, prominent title. 
* Write an accurate and concise description in 2-3 sentences. 
* Take advantage of tags to get YouTube views. Set all of keywords included in title and description or more related terms to your contents as tags. 
* Create an appealing thumbnail for your video to draw more YouTube watchers' attention. 

2. Share Video Widely

It is a great way to get YouTube views by sharing videos on SNS, blog and website as more as possible, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Send video to your friends, family, classmates or colleagues with email and ask them for help to broadcast your video to their SNS followers if possible.

3. Build Playlists

Videos in a playlist will be automatically played in order. Viewers are likely to watch more of your videos during watching playlist so that you can get more YouTube views.

4. Keep Channel Fresh

Upload videos to your channel in a certain frequency to make it active and keep rankings healthy. It is unnecessary to create high quality contents for each video. For instance, you can upload a sea scenery video recorded by iPhone.

5. Use Annotations

Annotation is text or link over your video. You can get YouTube views and attract subscribers by adding related annotations for your video. Also, you can customize font size, color, background color and position of annotation. Get more about annotations…

6. Create Giveaway Contest Videos

You can take part in exclusive giveaways, for example, Digiarty's WinXDVD Software Giveaway, and create a contest video to win YouTube views.

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To be frank, there are lots of efficiently ways to get YouTube views. If you have wonderful suggestions to increase YouTube views, please feel free to share here. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Germany - 2014 FIFA World Cup Winner Who Lifts World Cup Trophy

The moment referee blew final whistle of FIFA World Cup 2014 Final, which was played in Estadio do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro at 16:00, July 13 (Brazil Local Time), the tournament completely ended. The 20th World Cup champion Germany survives intense final match with a 1:0 victory over Argentina. Mario Gotze scored the crucial goal in extra-time to crush Argentina's hope of lifting World Cup trophy.

World Cup Final 2014 Overview

To be honest, it is an extremely hard match for both teams. German encountered a big trouble at the beginning because Khedira was injured during warming up and the substitute Kramer who suffered a blow to the head in or about 30 minutes and forcedly replaced again. Although German had higher possession percentage, they could'’t cross the guard formed by Argentina defenders during the regular time. Eventually, in 113 minutes, Goetze, as a substitute of Klose, controlled the ball with his chest and volleyed the last-gasp goal.

On the other hand, Argentina missed several great opportunities. Higuain got the ball for a nearly fatal fault by Kroos without any defenders surrounded, but it is very disappointed that catch the golden chance. Also, Messi lost the two golden chances. One is in 47th minute that he shot but hit the post and the other is in 123rd minute that he sent the free kick high over the crossbar. However, Messi was awarded the Golden Ball by FIFA and he absolutely deserved it.

Free Download Brazil World Cup Final Video from YouTube

It is unavoidable that you may miss Final match live for a business trip, busy work or other reasons even though you eagerly awaited the match at the beginning of this World Cup. But don’t worry, you still can watch 2014 FIFA World Cup Final online or download the match video from YouTube for playing on your PC/Mac or portable devices offline without ads, long-time buffering or other interruptions.

Here, I will introduce a great way to free download FIFA World Cup 2014 Final match video from YouTube with an easy-to-use and convenient tool, WinX YouTube Downloader, which provides a free way to download any HD or SD videos in various formats from YouTube at a high speed with lossless image quality. It is totally safe and clean without any adware, spyware or virus bundled.

Tutorial of FIFA World Cup 2014 Final Free Download

Step 1, Click "Add URL" icon on main interface to enter a smaller window.
Step 2, Get URL of final match videos from YouTube. Copy and paste this URL to address bar. Click Analyze button. Video info, incl. title, duration and video versions with different resolution, format, size and codec will be presented. Select one version and hit OK.
Step 3. Click Browse for selecting target folder to save downloaded video. Finally, hit Download.


If you would like to convert video to other formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4 and son on, in order to play 2014 World Cup Final match with system players of Windows PC, or Mac or watch on mobiles, the advanced version WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can give you a hand. Certainly, it can free download videos from YouTube separately as well. What’s more, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe enables you to convert recorded World Cup match videos to FLV/MP4/WebM or create World Cup photo collections as a slideshow video with BGM and upload to online video sharing websites.

In addition, the professional video streaming app, Air Playit enables you to free stream 2014 World Cup video to your Apple and Android devices via WiFi and 3G/4G network.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Best Free Solution to Download World Cup Parody Videos from YouTube

Now, 2014 FIFA World Cup is coming to the Final. Look back the finished matches, some teams performed brilliantly and some others let fans down. But, we must admit that every team did their best to present very intense and nice games, even some funny activities under nervous conditions, which are taken as elements to create parody videos by attentive and mischievous netizens. This article will introduce the most convenient and safest way to free download World Cup parody videos from YouTube for PC/Mac.

About Parody Video

Parody is invented by a Greek writer, Hegemon of Thasos, who devoted to transforming elegant poems into ridiculous by changing words. Gradually, parody is not limited in poems but wider and wider ranges, finally defined as an imitation work of writings, paints, songs etc. to produce exaggerated, entertaining or ironic effects. In the wake of a boom in online video sharing websites, parody videos about movie, TV show, music video or self-made videos prevails and some excellent authors become hotter and hotter, for example, Bart Baker, a YouTube user whose channel has 3,095,935 subscribers so far and collects hot music parody, such as Shakira hit songs, PSY Hangover, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball etc.

Best Free World Cup Parody Video Downloader

Certainly, YouTube users will not miss the greatest chance to share World Cup parody videos. You can watch these videos online or free download World Cup funny videos for playback on PC/Mac without influences of ads, poor network condition and other interruptions. Due to author permissions, most of wonderful YouTube videos cannot be directly downloaded. So, you may need a tool to free download World Cup Parody videos for PC/Mac.

WinX YouTube Downloader, the best free World Cup parody video downloader, is a 100% clean downloader to free download any HD/SD videos from YouTube in diverse formats and deliver high video & audio quality at a very high speed.

Guides to Free Get World Cup Parody Video from YouTube

In this guide, I will show how to free download 2014 World Cup song We Are One (Ole Ola) parody with WinX YouTube Downloader.

1.       Hit "Add URL" icon on main interface and a smaller window will appear.
2.       Copy YouTube URL of We Are One (Ole Ola) Parody on YouTube and paste it to address bar. Hit Analyze. Video title, duration, cover and versions of resolution, format, size, codec will be displayed. Select one version and click OK.
3.       Set target folder to save World Cup parody video and hit Download.

Another Great Way to Free Download World Cup Funny Videos

Besides WinX YouTube Downloader, its advanced version WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is capable of free downloading World Cup funny videos as well. The steps are similar to those with WinX YouTube Downloader. What you should pay attention is the extra “Auto convert” Module in step 2. Uncheck it to free download video separately. Otherwise, you can convert the downloaded parody videos to other formats, AVI, MOV, MP4 for playing on PC/Mac, Apple, Android and other OS devices.

In addition, this all-in-one video downloader and converter has more powerful features to meet your demands.
  • Convert HD videos recorded by camcorders or copied from Blu-ray discs by DVD ripper, such as MTS, MOD to mainstream video formats WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4 etc, for PC/Mac.
  • Crop, trim, merge videos. Add subtitles for videos. Customize video and audio parameters.
  • Create a photo collection as a slideshow video and embed beautiful music for it.