Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Get Views on YouTube – Increase YouTube Views Tips

Thousands of videos flood into YouTube everyday. Your video is probably observed by very few watchers even though it is pretty impressed to deserve more and more views. However, you should learn that it's not enough to create an excellent video with hot topic and high quality contents, but to make use of helpful tips and tricks to get YouTube views.

1. Optimize Basic Info for Video

* Give a short but attractive, prominent title. 
* Write an accurate and concise description in 2-3 sentences. 
* Take advantage of tags to get YouTube views. Set all of keywords included in title and description or more related terms to your contents as tags. 
* Create an appealing thumbnail for your video to draw more YouTube watchers' attention. 

2. Share Video Widely

It is a great way to get YouTube views by sharing videos on SNS, blog and website as more as possible, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Send video to your friends, family, classmates or colleagues with email and ask them for help to broadcast your video to their SNS followers if possible.

3. Build Playlists

Videos in a playlist will be automatically played in order. Viewers are likely to watch more of your videos during watching playlist so that you can get more YouTube views.

4. Keep Channel Fresh

Upload videos to your channel in a certain frequency to make it active and keep rankings healthy. It is unnecessary to create high quality contents for each video. For instance, you can upload a sea scenery video recorded by iPhone.

5. Use Annotations

Annotation is text or link over your video. You can get YouTube views and attract subscribers by adding related annotations for your video. Also, you can customize font size, color, background color and position of annotation. Get more about annotations…

6. Create Giveaway Contest Videos

You can take part in exclusive giveaways, for example, Digiarty's WinXDVD Software Giveaway, and create a contest video to win YouTube views.

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To be frank, there are lots of efficiently ways to get YouTube views. If you have wonderful suggestions to increase YouTube views, please feel free to share here. 

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