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Top 10 Most Shocking Moments in World Cup History

In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay, which appealed 13 teams to taking part in this football competition and was considered as a new beginning of football sport. 

Now, the 20th World Cup-Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 has finished with champion Germany beating Argentina with a 1-0 victory in Final. Looking back at previous 20 World Cup tournaments, there are too many amazing and stunning, even unbelievable moments that we will never forget. Here, I list the top 10 World Cup greatest moments in history. 

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1. Greatest World Cup Upset

In 1990 World Cup, Argentina, led by Diego Maradona went through their hardest world Cup journey. After being defeated by Cameroon in the opening match, Argentina eventually went to the final. However, the final was not a perfect game, even an absolutely failure for Argentina and Maradona's tears left us indelible impression. 

2. Goal of the Century

In 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match: Argentina against England, three minutes after "Hand of God" goal (No. 9 moment), Manadora got the ball passed by H├ęctor Enrique about 10 meters inside his own half. Then, he took the ball individually with running 60 meters and passing 4 England players in succession to goal. This goal is claimed to be the greatest goal in World Cup history and called "Goal of Century".

3. 1982 World Cup MVP: Rossi

After 2-year ban, Rossi returned to soccer and attended 1982 World Cup as a member of Italy team. Actually, at the beginning, it seemed that Rossi was not a good player. While, in his last 3 matches of this World Cup, he totally scored six goals to lead Italy to win World Cup champion and win MVP & the best striker for himself. 

4. 2002 World Cup Golden Boot: Ronaldo

In 1998 World Cup, because of epileptic seizure, Ronaldo didn’t perform well in the Final and Brail lost its champion. In 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo would not miss the chance to win the championship that he scored 2 goals against Germany in the Final and lead Brazil to their record 5th championship. Also, he was awarded Golden Boot for 8 goals, the most goals in the competition. 

5. Zinedine Zidane's Head-butt

In the Final of 2006 World Cup, France against Italy, Zinedine Zidane suddenly knocked Italy player, Marco NMaterazzi by head-cutt and was given red card. When Zidane left the field and passed by Jules Rimet Cup, it was the end of Zidane's World Cup journey and the biggest regret in World Cup history to fans and himself. 

6. The Most Incredible Final

Hungary was the most tournament favorite in 1954 World Cup because of their strong abilities and good skills. In the Final against West Germany, Hungary kept ahead with scores 2:0 but West Germany continuously scored 3 goals and reversed the situation. Finally, West Germany won their first World Cup championship. Also, this final is considered as the most incredible final in World Cup history.

7. 1978 World Cup Final: Argentina vs. Netherlands

In 1978 World Cup final, Argentina and Netherlands showed us one of the greatest matches in the World Cup history. Because of considerable abilities and goalkeepers' well performance, the two teams were equal on points within match time and went to overtime. Eventually, Argentina scored 2 more goals in overtime and won 1978 World Cup championship.

8. Batistuta's Last World Cup 

Batistuta is former Argentina striker and all-time leading goalscorer with 56 goals in 78 matches. With the expectation of winning championship, Batistuta played 2002 World Cup, the third World Cup and the last World Cup he attended. But unfortunately, Argentina became one team of "Group of Death" and didn't get through the group. All Argentina's players were very disappointed but Batistuta was the saddest one. From that time, Batistuta left national team and retired in 2005.

9. Hand of God

This moment happened several minutes before Goal of Century by Maradona. In the 51st minute of quarterfinal match between Argentina and England, Maradona and English goalkeeper, Peter Shilton went up in to air to reach the ball meanwhile. Although it is supposed that Shilton could grab the ball out of the air because of his height advantage, Maradona stuck up his left hand punched the ball into England's net and judged as allowed goal. 

10. Dennis Bergkamp Last-gasp Goal

In the quarterfinal of 1998 World Cup between Netherlands and Argentina, the two teams kept equal points until the match time was nearly out. Bergkamp occasionally score last-gasp goal to avoided Netherlands to enter overtime and led Netherlands to win this match. This goal is also taken as Bergkamp's most satisfied goal. 

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