Thursday, March 24, 2016

Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2016: What’re Your Expectations?

Microsoft Build 2016, an annual developer conference hosted by Microsoft crowded with latest cutting-edge technologies helping developers do more creative works on Windows, mobile, cloud service and more, will be taken place from March 30 to April 1 in San Francisco. The ticket sold-out record has made this year, in only one minute. Although it’s not clear about techs which will be shown off yet, attendees and Microsoft followers believe that improvements and new features of Windows 10 RedStone, Windows 10 Mobile as well as universal Xbox apps will be introduced. Moreover, Belgians at Build online event at channel9 minorly reveals something we should expect in Microsoft Build 2016.

3 Keys to Explore at Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2016

1. Windows 10 Mobile

Following official release of Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia smartphones in November 2015, more devices powered by this new mobile OS stand out at WMC 2016. HP Elite x3, one Windows 10 Mobile devices caught people’s attention for its support for Win 10 Mobile Continuum with a seamless connectivity among smartphone, PC and tablets to experience all-screens operation is a single device. 

At Microsoft Build 2016, further discussions about development of Windows 10 Mobile will be given. Rumors reveal that Microsoft has planned to make Win 10 apps run on Android/iOS and more details may be announced in this conference.

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2. Xamarin

Microsoft announced to acquire Xamarin, a mobile app development platform provider, granting bigger opportunity to creative developers to show their innovation on any device. With Xamarin, developers are empowered to build mobile apps taking advantage of .NET and using C# to write native APIs and share the codes across iOS, Android and Windows. Long-time partnership between Microsoft and Xamarin has made a great joint to integrate this mobile app development platform into Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, and the recent acquirement will bring close works supplying more tools, services, workflows helping developers build amazing cross-platform apps. Also, we hope more information to be revealed at Microsoft Build 2016.

3. Xbox Universal Apps

Since Windows 10 was released in last year, topics about universal apps are always in the air. But, there is no official announcement of everything of this program until a Xbox One demo app, which can run across PCs, smartphones, tablets, TV screens and of course Xbox, was presented at WMC 2016 by Kevin Gallo, technical lead for Windows universal apps. The first look of Windows universal apps had been introduced and in-depth messages like when developer can build apps for Xbox One, are expected to be sent at upcoming Build developer conference. 

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