Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does Apple Watch Live Up To Its Price Tag?

The expected Apple Watch was announced to arrive on 24 April 2015 during the event on 9 March 2015 with unexpected expensive price starting from $394 to $12,000. It works with iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/ Plus running on iOS 8.2 or later. Apple seemingly intends to make Apple Watch to a luxury brand offering 3 collections: the anodized aluminum bodied Apple Watch Sport, stainless steel cased Apple Watch and the rose or yellow 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition and two sizes (38mm and 42mm) for each collection. No matter what a loyal fan you are, the price is shocking enough to let you hesitate to pull cash from pocket. So, does Apple Watch live up to its price tag?

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Is Apple Watch A Good Thing?

As a watch, Apple Watch can do everything a general watch do. As a smartwatch, Apple Watch drives you to garner a modern way to handle with calls, notifications, messages, Emails in conjunction with iPhone. On the other hand, it natively supports calendar, maps, weather and reminder for your information. Functions will be greatly expanded when third party apps are settled, for example Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and more. Also, Apple Watch can be a music player for you to store (2GB at most) and play music.

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If you are tired of old and dull way to connect with friends, families and lover, Apple Watch makes it totally fresh. Digital Touch features help you speak out feeling by sketching, tapping and sending your heartbeat to other Apple Watch wearers who you want to connect. What's more, Apple Watch cares about your health suggesting fitness goals based on data of your daily activity and encouraging you to get more exercise.

What's Weakness of Apple Watch?

Obviously, the price is the biggest obstacle. Even the most affordable Apple Watch Sport is much costlier than other smartwatches, for example Samsung Gear, Moto 360, but doesn't show much more useful features, while Apple Watch Edition is seemingly specially designed for luxury lovers or wealthy suckers for Apple products.

In addition, the battery life worries fans. It only lasts 18 hours with full-charged power, active in 6.5 hours for listening to music and 3 hours for calling. In other words, even though you just take it as a time-telling watch, you should charge it every day.

Is Apple Watch Worth Buying?

In my opinion, Apple Watch fails to level up to its price for unremarkable features, battery life shortage and device limitations. And, it is not an essential device you need since iPhone can completely meet your needs and can do much more than Apple Watch. However, Apple Watch is the only choice to experience a much convenient way for connection with smartwatch for iPhone users. And, the delicate design is another reason that faithful fans would like to pay for the pricey Apple new device.

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