Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ripping Christmas Movie DVDs on Windows 10 Is also as Easy as ABC

Christmas is drawing near! If you have downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview versions and want to rip best Christmas movie DVDs on Windows 10, keeping read this guide!

Part 1 - About Windows 10
Windows 10, the new version of Microsoft operating system, is scheduled to be available in 2015. After being officially unveiled during a media event on September 30, 2014, Windows 10 has released three Windows Technical Preview versions in total. Here's the brief introduction of them (available for downloading and testing until April, 15, 2015):

Release Date
Version No.
What's New
October 1, 2014
Start menu, virtual desktops, run apps in desktop mode
October 21, 2014
notification center, the ability to choose the speed of new preview builds, and "nearly 7,000 improvements and fixes"
November 12, 2014
hide Task View and Search buttons, new 3 finger gestures, selective sync of OneDrive, new features in IE

From the above sheet we can easily see the improvements of new windows 10, bringing much more convenience for users. Except for desktops and laptops, Windows 10 can also be further used on tablets, smartphones, embedded Windows products and also Xbox One. Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson once claimed that Windows 10 would be Microsoft's "most comprehensive platform ever", we all look forward to the advent of Windows 10.

Part 2 - Guide on How to Rip Christmas DVDs on Windows 10
Since Windows 10 is a band new OS, many current DVD rippers are incompatible with it, except WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a professional windows-based DVD ripping software, circumventing nearly all copy protections like region code, DVD CSS, RCE, UOPs, Sony ArccOS and Disney X-project DRM. Now download and install it on your PC, and put the Christmas Movie DVD into computer DVD-ROM drive.

Step 1. Start WinX Ripper and click left top "DVD Disc" button to load the Christmas movie DVD content;
Step 2. After the DVD content being successfully loaded (just in a few seconds), Output Profile window will pop up here. Just choose one target video format or mobile device according to your needs. There are totally 320+ formats and 350+ preloaded devices for you to choose. Profile selected, click "OK" to turn back to the main interface.
Step 3. Hit "RUN" button to begin Christmas movie DVD ripping.

1. If you expect a more stable DVD ripping with high quality, please check "Use High Quality Engine", "Deinterlacing" and "Safe Mode" options right above the RUN icon.
2. Please refer to the DVD copyright law in your country before ripping Christmas DVDs on Windows 10.

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